AbdulMohsen Al Jassar


AbdulMohsen is the Second generation of Fahad Abdul Rahman Al Jassar sons. He was working with his father during his studies. He did his Graduation from Kuwait University and Majored in Business Administration in 1977..

He did his MBA from United States of America in 1982. And his Ph.D. University of Wales in 1995 from United Kingdom.

Since the Iraq Invasion, the company was destroyed and the Inventory was stolen. Because of Fahad Abdulrahman Al Jassar reputation in the Gulf countries especially with Saudia Merchants gave credit timber and also with the hard work and effort of Abdulmohsen Fahad Al Jassar the company regained its place in the country as well as the region.

And now Fahad Al Jassar Sons Company is one of the biggest leaders of Timber in Kuwait and as well as in Gulf Countries.

Fahad Abdulmohsen Al-Jassar


Fahad Abdulmohsen Al-Jassar is the third generation for Fahad Al-Jassar Sons Gen Trd & Cont. He did his studies in Kuwait where he graduated from American University Of Kuwait.

He has very well experience in building Materials as well as Construction. Fahad has worked 7 years in the Industrial Bank Of Kuwait were he has learned a lot from the manufacturing companies and construction.

FAHAD ABDUL RAHMAN AL-JASSAR was the founder of this business who had well experience in Timber trade in Gulf and Middle East, also well known as specialist in Timber, very honest in dealing and a leader in Timber trade and Advisor.

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